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Newborn sessions can be tough with older siblings that are still toddlers themselves. I mean, they are use to being the star of the show! And, let’s not forget.. they’re still toddlers. They don’t exactly always behave the way you want them to behave. This is why lifestyle newborn sessions in your home are the perfect option. In this session, there were times when big sister wanted NOTHING to do with us.. nothing to do with the camera.. and nothing to do with her baby sister. And then, she came around. She did her own thing. She brought in her toys, had a snack, and just hung out. I love that my sessions are laid back enough that I can just sit there and hang out too. These are the moments that will pass too soon, and I love that I get to have a role in freezing time even if it is just for a little bit. Welcome home, baby! You have a best friend waiting to play with you when you get a little older!

You can always add on a wrapped newborn mini to your lifestyle session if you like these last few images. Simply baby, simply wrapped, simply adorable. Contact me for more details!

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Braden is one of my lifestyle newborns who also booked a first birthday session. The weather and location could not have been more perfect! The Arboretum in Raleigh, N.C. has some gorgeous little areas that are perfect for little ones to explore. My favorite area is their gazebo, which makes for some really sweet and timeless photographs. The one year session for babies shows so much of their developed personality. They will clap and smile and love to have you be silly with them. Some babies are even beginning to stand or walk. This is a great milestone to capture! Braden’s one year session concluded with a cake smash in my vintage white high chair. You never know how kids are going to react to a cake smash - some go all in and are covered by icing by the end of it, and others want nothing to do with it. Luckily, Braden enjoyed it for a little bit.. which was just long enough to get some sweet, but messy, pictures.

Check out the Bundles page for packages that combine newborn sessions with sessions throughout baby’s first year.

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Once again, I love my repeat clients. I know I say it a lot, but I do. I first met this family through a friend and I photographed their newborn daughter back in the day when I was doing studio newborn photography in my old home. She was the cutest little peanut there ever was. Naturally, when second baby comes around, I love the opportunity to catch up with these families! One of the benefits, for me, to travel to my client’s homes is that I am always so delightfully shocked when I walk in and see that they have printed their photos! It is the nicest little “AW YAY!” moment. Too often, we will save our pictures, or upload to social media, but never display them. So, I loved when I walked in and saw their first newborn pictures were on display in frames in their living room. It made me so happy! And, this boy’s hair.. good gracious! Adorable. I am in love with their newborn pictures! <3 Congrats K Fam!

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This family is from my Maternity & Family Greenhouse session (and one of my all time favorite families). I am finally getting around to blogging about their newborn - but I’ll have to share this newborn’s 6 month pictures (and soon to come one year pictures). To say I’m a little behind is an understatement. Anyway, I have talked about this family keeps me laughing and it was no surprise that their lifestyle newborn session would be any different. Their first baby, Big Red, was photographed in my in-home studio and was so chunky and perfect. This go around, since I don’t have an in home studio anymore, I came to their house.. only to find out that they were getting ready to move to Texas. :( So, in a way, this was their last hoorah in this house and a memory that they can always hold on to. I love that this family just sat back and let me capture their version of real life. <3 Love y’all, Edge fam! See you soon for that one year session! Ha!

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Lifestyle newborn sessions can be combined with wrapped poses so you get the best of both worlds. The family interaction (fur babies included), but also some sweet images of just baby alone. I like the variety that this provides to families. I have always been a strong proponent of lifestyle in home sessions for newborn photography because it does capture your life in that moment. That house. Those rooms. That crib (that they probably have never slept in.. yet). I just feel like they capture so much emotion down the road and you are instantly taken back to this time in your life where you are sleep deprived and just trying to get the hang of this whole parenting thing. This is one example of a lifestyle newborn session that is combined with a wrapped portion. Congrats, C family on your new bundle of joy!