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This family has been with me for so long. I love that they now squeeze me in when they are visiting family in N.C. (they live in Texas currently). I love catching up with them, and their little girls are just too cute. It doesn’t seem like too long ago that we were doing the maternity session of their oldest daughter.. and now she runs up to me saying, ‘hey miss Amy!” This is one of my favorite parts of photographing maternity, newborns, and beyond. I love watching them grow into their own personalities and capturing life for just a split second. On this day, the weather wasn’t fantastic, but Bass Lake in Holly Springs serves as a great backdrop for those drizzly days. The covered porch provided some adorable structural elements, and their trail worked perfectly for the woodsy-bunny theme they had for the first birthday cake.

{2015 Family Sessions}

Fall to photographers is April to accountants... our busy season.  And, it makes sense.  In North Carolina, autumn is absolutely perfect with the leaves changing colors and the air turning from hot and humid to crisp and comfortable.  Pumpkin spice everything, tall boots, football season...I.Love.Fall.. So, it is only fitting that most people choose the fall to have their family portraits taken.  For the past few years, I have offered mini sessions during a weekend or two in the fall - usually of two different locations.  The first year, I had a few takers.  The next year I needed to offer an additional day.  And this year, I sold out 4 days in record time.  Wowza.  I was floored.  This year I also rented some lovely props from a local company (Greenhouse Picker Sisters) to give my sessions a little  extra something special.  For example, check out this amazeballs image using their vintage couch, crates, and accessories.  I am so in love and am kind of jealous that this isn't my family..

family session farm couch Raleigh NC photographer

With all of this being said, I am not scheduling any more family sessions this year.  Thank you to everyone for their continued support of my small business and I look forward to working with you in the future :)  ~Amy

My Favorite Images of {2014} :: Part 2

Ok, where were we?  If you missed my last post, it recapped some of my favorite images from early 2014.  We are almost to summer where these pick up!


You know when you meet people and you just instantly click?  That is what happened with this family.  They were so down to earth and up for whatever, it made the session go so smoothly.. not to mention their daughter is gorgeous.. seriously.  She wasn't a fan of being naked.. that's for sure.  We had to make due with lots of wrapping and set-up changes!

newborn photography fuquay-varina nc

This little bundle of cuteness was a Belly to Baby baby, so I had already met their mom and dad previously.  This was the first time I tried a baby on a prop like this... no worries.. safety precautions were taken.  Mom was sitting literally a hands distance away just in case he was startled.  Since he was a pretty chill baby, this pose worked for him.  If he had been more alert, I wouldn't have even attempted it.  Newborn safety is my #1 concern. :)newborn photography fuquay-varina nc

This mom came in for a newborn session and she wanted a canvas collage of all these sweet baby parts.  I thought it was a fantastic idea.  I put together a canvas image, and after several emails and adjustments later, this is what we came up with.  I should really give mom credit here -- her canvas collage composition is way better than my original :)  I love the belly button in the middle! What a great addition to a nursery to treasure! newborn collage fuquay varina nc

This is the sweetest picture to me for a few reasons.  One, this is a dear friend of mine who is absolutely the sweetest person I have ever met in my life.  Second, her and her husband tried really hard to get pregnant several times, one time even succeeding with twins only for it to end in heartbreak.  She was able to get pregnant again and finally got the baby she had prayed for.  lifestyle newborn session fuquay varina nc

Ok, I'm getting mushy here writing these posts.  I met this mom for a maternity and then newborn shoot.. if you come to the studio you'll see her cutie pie on a canvas!  She wanted to have an in-home shoot to get some updated pictures.  One thing she particularly said was that her girl was getting so big that soon she wouldn't be nursing anymore and wouldn't want to be rocked like a baby.  I loved that I could capture this eye contact so mom could always remember her baby! 8 month photography session fuquay varina nc

Mommy and Me Sessions!  This was the first time offering mommy and me sessions and I thought they were so fun and cute.  It is so important for moms to be in pictures with their kids.. how often are we always the ones behind the camera! mommy and me session fuquay varina ncmommy and me session fuquay varina nc

My baby turned 2!  This wasn't a real session.. more like, "hey Jacks, put this shirt on, come on, let's go outside as the sun is setting.."  I love his eyes here.  His hair needs a cut.. and his face has filled out so much more.. But, I can feel his silliness coming through.  Love you, sweet boy!family photography fuquay varina nc

Coolest dad award.  Seriously.. a motorcycle at a newborn shoot..OK! :)  Dude even has his own little newborn leather jacket.. This was another Belly to Baby couple.. they were featured in the last blog.. she was the one who had a maternity session and there was snow on the ground.. not typical in NC.. newborn photography fuquay-varina nc

Look at this little serious face.. what a cutie pie.  This family actually ended up being up the road neighbors of ours and always have great ideas for their sessions.  They have this super cute firetruck that they brought for his newborn and his Christmas pictures.. what a great memory to see how he has grown up using the same prop! newborn photography fuquay-varina nc

These 2 girls were one of my very.first.newborns... because when you're starting out, you should totally take on twins.... *sarcasm.. I don't advise it.*  :)  They were super adorable though.. slept like champs during that session and really made me fall in love with newborn photography.  Their momma wanted some updated pictures of them, and look how sweet they look! family photography fuquay-varina nc

I feel sorry for these final 2 kiddos.. their moms are teachers.  They are not going to be able to get away with anything.. :) newborn photography fuquay-varina ncnewborn photography fuquay-varina nc


Stay tuned for part 3 of my favorite images from 2014!

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Fansler Family Photos

*whew!* We just got back from our week-long vacation.. I didn't pick up my computer until day 4, I think.. the only time I got my camera out was the last day.. so it was a nice break :)  I am the typical "mom" where I have plenty of pictures of my boys with other people, but very few of ME and the boys.  So, it is VERY important that I always get family pictures done every so often.  Whether you hire a professional, or get a random stanger off the beach (like we did) to take them, I really urge you to make sure you take the time to get family portraits taken! When we go on vacay, the hubby has a few requirements.. and I just have one.. PICTURES of all of us.  The hubby understands this and obliges and just kind of says "just do it, and make momma happy." :)  So of course we wait until the last day.... and it starts to RAIN.  I was bummed.. and I wasn't going to get upset, but then again, I had done my hair, picked outfits, and had it in my head that we were doing this!  AND, I was a little irritated because I wanted to do it the night before when it was beautiful.. buuuuuutttttttt that didn't happen.. ANYWAY! We didn't have anyone to take the pictures at first so I was trying to balance the camera in the back of the car... Ugh.. luckily, two guys rolled up in a golf cart and we got this one:

Fam Sound

Not my fav. I was a little bummed, but what could you do? Eh.

When we came back from dinner, the light was PERFECT so we went down to the beach. I had changed clothes, but I literally ran back to the car, and just changed right there.  I told you they are THAT important to me.. ha.  But, I'm glad I did.. and I'm glad hubby just grinned and beared it.. He is off the hook for a few months anyway :)


Much better :)  And, my boys are growing so fast.. and are so darn cute. Gah!  Love them.

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