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Holiday babies are so special. There are so many things to celebrate this time of year, and the birth of a new baby just adds to the fun. This family booked a newborn mini session and we added in some subtle holiday set ups. Typically these sessions include 2-3 different wrapped set ups and baby is snug as a bug in a rug. These sessions are perfect for families who want all the focus to be on baby. They are about an hour in length and can be fully customized to fit your family’s style. These simple in home sessions are also perfect for this time of year. With the cold and flu season upon us, you get to keep your baby in your home - safe and sound. Merry First Christmas, Avery!

This was taken in a little sleigh her grandma gifted to their family - next to their Christmas tree.

This was taken in a little sleigh her grandma gifted to their family - next to their Christmas tree.


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What do you do when you live in North Carolina and you never know what to expect with the weather? I swear, we sometimes have all 4 seasons in one week! And, the winter is great, but it isn’t my favorite. I’ll be honest - I need sunshine, and temperatures above 70. When this couple told me that they were pregnant with their second baby girl, I was over the moon! Their first nugget (seen below) is seriously one of the cutest kids I have ever met. Her parents are a trip, and we always have a good time at our sessions. They’re super laid back, so when it was friggin freezing outside, I suggested that we do her maternity session at a greenhouse. I waited for the crickets.. but she came back with “let’s do it.” I love her maternity dress color - it pops so lovely against the greens in the greenhouse. I think it was actually raining this day, but you’d never know it. I personally love this session and it is such a cool alternative for our crunchy, brown winter months. Special thanks to Fairview Garden Center of Raleigh for letting us have our maternity session in your awesome space! I even picked out a succulent and have managed to keep it alive (a feat in itself.)

greenhouse maternity session
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maternity greenhouse
maternity greenhouse session
Fuquay maternity
Fuquay maternity session
greenhouse maternity session
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Fuquay maternity session

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Y’all. If I had to describe 2018, it would be nothing short of amazing! I bought a house (ON MY OWN.. like a real adult.. that’s crazy lol). I got engaged and then married to my best friend. My kids are thriving in and outside of school. And, my business is growing and I could not be happier! Change is always scary, but you just have to have faith that it will work out the way it is suppose to. When I started my business, I primarily did posed, in-studio newborns because I had the space for it in my own house. Then, when my life changed, I had to re-think the type of work I wanted to do and became very selective about the types of sessions I would take on. I decided to ditch the posed newborn style and embrace the family dynamic that is lifestyle. I can honestly say that I get choked up editing most newborn sessions because it is real life. I can feel the emotions of a new mom snuggling her baby. I can hear the toddler begging for attention because they are use to running the show. And I feel you dad. I feel you trying your best to support everyone in every way you know how. If I can give you anything during your lifestyle session, it is maybe an hour where you can just relax and let a pro handle things for a bit. I truly love coming into your home and experiencing the love with the chaos. So, here is to you, babies of 2018. Welcome to the world.


Oh joy begin

Weak little thing

More precious there’ll be nothing, no

Oh joy begin.

- Dave Matthews Band

Expecting in 2019? Let’s chat! I only reserve a handful of slots for newborns each month to guarantee availability. Most families book their newborn sessions prior to the third trimester. Contact me here!

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One of the best parts of my job is getting to watch my families grow from behind my camera lens.  This is a repeat client who happens to also be one of my first lifestyle newborn sessions!  This family has tons of natural light in their home which works wonderfully for lifestyle newborn sessions. We used elements of their home, like that blue chair above, to pose baby on. It will be cute to see down the road how big he is when he sits on it as a one, two, or three year old and remember how tiny he use to be.   I always try to make sure I sit back and let the session just roll the way it is going to roll.  I like to get the "in between" shots and and with two other little ones, there was plenty of candid moments to capture.  It also allows siblings to be themselves and be free in their own surroundings while I photograph their new brother/sister.

Awake and alert shots are sometimes my favorite. Because, let’s be honest…. the phrase, “sleeping like a baby,” is a joke.. :)


I captured a similar shot not too long ago with Lily's newborn session!

Thank you for letting me be a part of your story, again! :)

Thank you again for letting me be a part of your newborn story. The little details of his wrinkly hands; the older kids playing in the background; dad finally getting his hunting buddy after two girls.. I love it all! Congrats, G Fam!

The Pros and Cons of Four Types of Newborn Photography | Fuquay-Varina Holly Springs Apex Newborn Photography

Are you pregnant and considering hiring a newborn photographer? Overwhelmed with the thought of sifting through all of the different photographers in your area, their prices, packages, what is included, when to book, AAGH! It can be so confusing! I have put together this handy guide to help you narrow your decision. General advice when choosing a newborn photographer:  

  • Make sure you like their style!  This is the same as shopping for clothes.  Certain stores are known for their style.  Don't expect to go into Forever 21 looking for a style that is more like J. Crew.  Every photographer has a certain style of shooting and editing.  Check out their galleries on their websites, Facebook, or Instagram and get an idea of what they will deliver to you!
  • Go with someone with experience in newborn photography!  Again, don't go to a dermatologist expecting them to fix your cavity.
  • Determine what is important to you.  Is it price? The number of digital images included in a package?  Ease of not having to leave your home/hospital room? Knowing what you value can help you narrow down your search based on what the photographer offers.

Here are some of the common options for newborn photography:




Hospital Provided Photography

  • Complementary session
  • Most budget friendly for images/products ($100-200)
  • No travel (they come to your room)
  • Quick session
  • Fast turn around on images


  • No control over choice of photographer (large company)
  • Timing may be rushed due to discharge
  • No choice over appointment time - may miss important moments like with new siblings
  • Limited options as far as posing (hospital furniture)
  • Needs natural lighting - hospital room may not have window

Fresh 48


  • You hire a photographer to come to the hospital room
  • Schedule the time that is convenient for you
  • Capture details of baby in hospital
  • More personalized than hospital provided photography
  • Time frame is usually 1-1.5 hours
  • Usually offered as an add-on to a studio or lifestyle newborn session
  • Price varies from $200-$800
  • Need natural lighting - hospital room may not have window
  • Limited options as far as posing (hospital furniture)

Studio Newborn Photography


  • Traditional posed newborn images (usually naked)
  • More customized & varied session with props on hand in studio
  • Professional photographers are trained on safety and posing of newborns
  • Lighting can be controlled with studio lights
  • Not in your home




  • Babies need to be less than 2 weeks old
  • Most photographers require you to travel to them (can be tricky after delivery)
  • Usually the most expensive ($200-$1000)
  • Usually the longest type of session (3-4 hours)
  • May not include sibling or parent portraits (check with your photographer)

Lifestyle Newborn Photography

  • At your home (no need to travel)
  • Easier with older siblings & pets
  • Quicker session (1-2 hours)
  • More candid approach
  • Captures personalized nursery
  • More moderately priced ($150-500)
  • Hybrid approach can incorporate props and minimal posing
  • Tells more of a story
  • Find out more about my lifestyle newborn sessions here.
  • Requires light de-cluttering of rooms photographed
  • Natural light needed
  • Not ideal if you do not like your home decor or do not have a nursery set up